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Who am I

Architect & interior designer

I think a person is defined by the things she loves. When we watch what attracts us, that's when we understand who we are. 

This is especially true in the relm of creativity. So, if you wanna learn who I am and how I work, you must know what I stand for and who, among architects, are my absolute heros.

I love Le Corbusier.

I love the way he joined creativity with logical notions. He would use his intellect to create a boundary (a limited number of rules) within which he allowed himself an extraordinary freedom of composition. 


Books don't tell you how playful is his architecture. You only discover this with expirience, if you let go the child within. You will discover details that will leave you with awe. 

This is what I consider elegance.

I Love Villa Panza

It's one of the museums I visit more often. It's were I learned the notion of space

It's so fascinating that historical and contemporary styles can actually fit together in a way that makes both stand out.

It's the one place where you can keep up to date with the most interesting contemporary art exhibitions. 

I Love Antoni Gaudì

There's a great contraddiction about Gaudì: on one end there's the great public, which just loves him, but on the other end you find the architects, who absolutely don't!

The reason why, I think, is that they just can't reproduce his creations. Gaudì had a vivid intelligence, and he could picture 3D shapes in a way most of us can hardly do using computers. 

But there's a lot to learn from him. His creativity bursts from his deep study of nature and it's explosive beauty. His commitment to his work was so intense, he could spend years on little details. The results are everlasting.

I Love Milan

Fast growing city, always changing. But there's something that always stays, it's the clever elegance of it's most renoun architects, I would call them the Modern Classic.

I just can't stop loving Piero Portaluppi, Ignazio Gardella, Gio Ponti, Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

I Love Zaha Hadid

At last a female architect!

She was just extraordinary, what else can I say? 

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