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Trad-style Apartment in Milano

Give your architect space to understand your needs, and give them tabula rasa to get inspired by the intrinsic characteristics of your home: light, space, style... 

Here's what happens when an architect and her client are in perfect alliance: you will be happy with the result.


Andrea, who lives in Southern Lombardy with his family, works in Milan and bought this apartment for week days. 


Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this two-room apartment had been refurbished maybe in the 70's. Whoever ordered these works gave away some crucial qualities of the studio. 

The beautiful family room in the building's corner was divided in half to make a bathroom. A small kitchen was in the middle. The beautiful wooden floor was spoiled.

The new design's main idea was to recreate the family room, with two big windows in the corner.


We demolished the bathroom wall, but we had to figure out what to do with the floor, as we wanted to keep the traditional wooden floor that's been kept for almost a century.

We excluded to match old wood and new wood, and we also ecluded modern ceramics. So we decided for a traditional format 20x20 cm, of black and white caramics. And we created a very unique design with this beautiful collection by Marazzi called Scenario.

The kitchen is Scavolini Evolution.


We chose the same style for all the new floors in the house. But we kept the old wood in the familiy room and in the bedroom.


This reburbishment works were made by Facile Ristrutturare, an Italian services hub that matches clients, architects, design companies and contractors. All products in the design are Made in Italy.


We renovated all the plants: electrical, plumbing, heating system and air conditioning. We insulated also the celing, and we used it to create a new fixed lighting with LED technology.

The new performing windows are a product of Piva Group. The heaters are Cordivari Rosy Tandem. Doors are Portalcasa by Bertolotto.

The bathroom is also designed in its very details.

A very specific feature is the LED light which is continued from the celing to the wall. This is was possible using a product by Schlueter Systems.

The wall covering is again Marazzi Crogiolo Lume, a product that was awarded best archiproduct in 2019. 

Pottery are IdealStandard Tesi and fittings by Paffoni.

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