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Vivere a Galliate

Masterplan & Buildings

This urban plan for Galliate
(Novara) takes a start from a
sociologically oriented view of
architecture’s purpouses; therefore
it openly aims to confront with the
spacial uses and needs of humans.
These themes originated from
a first visit of Galliate, but it is
mainly a declaration of interests
by the designers. This way the plan
embraces problems related to urban
relations by creating a net of open
spaces. Architecture is not only
seen as a matter of functionality,
but as a physical reality which is
able to communicate, through
its own language, and to interact
with human life. In this sense we
could say that architetcture gives
character to the spaces, making
it possible to understand their
specific nature (private or pubblic)
and, at the same time, it organizes
relations between different spaces
and gives them a structure.

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